Learn how to work on your water damage business, not in it.

I’ll teach you how I recruited, trained and motivated restoration technicians, ran successful online marketing, cold called plumbers, trained my office staff to convert calls, streamlined scheduling and receivables all from a state away. You’ll skip years of headaches and lost profits with these strategies!


I help water damage restoration business' (from start-up ventures to large-scale operations) refine their processes and approach towards business.



  • Online Consulting

    I’ll teach you how I recruited, trained and motivated technicians, ran successful online marketing, cold called plumbers and trained my office staff to convert.

  • Personal Consulting

    Learning in-person is the best way to rapidly implement strategies. I’ll come to your business center and we’ll drill down into your processes to increase revenue and plug any money-sinking holes.

Lead Conversion Strategy

There are lots of simple and powerful tips to make more money by increasing lead conversions. There are also lots of ways to accidentally kill conversions too, though; I learned the hard way and will guide you through the entire process.


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I've helped a lot of business owners refine their processes, create checklists, forms, etc. I'm sharing some of the most common (and useful) tools here!
Revenue Adjustment Calculator Simple Break-Even Calculator

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Gregg is a master at creating quality businesses with quality people. He was integral in our business growth and no matter what industry you are in Greg can help.


Gregg has so much knowledge to share and he’s not afraid to try new things to help your business. Very impressed with his experience and dedication to small businesses.


Gregg has helped me with reviewing estimates to see what I’ve left off & with verbiage preventing questions. He looks at my business as we are business partners & openly shares his knowledge of the industry. He has helped with marketing, sales, negotiation to collections. He is an asset to my business. I highly recommend Gregg!


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